Balance AL-450 build


Dirt Disciple
Thanks for sharing the link to the 1995 catalog.
Documentation about Balance is hard to find.

Please find below a picture of the EU premier in 1994 at a Bike show.
View attachment 620379

I do have also 97 and 98 catalogs (below), but both are pretty boring in terms of portfolio and brochuere.
The glory dates seem to been over already at this time.

I believe it was at this point that the Balance brand was sold to a Taiwanese company. Looking at that last catalog you posted it's just chock full of cheap and generic bikes. I had no idea they tried so many crappy variations; it's painful to see what the brand became at the end. Yikes!


Dirt Disciple
Some final touches. Shifter clamp bolts are blue, all the cable ends are purple now and the rear derailleur area is fully decked out.