Back in time.. 1995 GT Avalanche

Double-E F

Gold Trader

Update :)

Finished and ready for a first spin.


Took it along one of the local trails that is still under construction, but provided a very nice ride nonetheless. This particular trail used to be more of an XC-type of ride: broad and straight on trails, frequently going up and down quite a bit (for Dutch standards..) and are now slowly transforming into very curvy singletracks that almost make it feel like a roller coaster.
Nice, but pretty exhausting on a retro hardtail. The trails are very popular and have been ridden a lot recently, also in bad weather, which has affected the rideability. I guess this is less of an issue on a full-sus big wheeler, although my physical condition might also be to blame, coming out of winter ;)



Overall, a very nice renewed introduction!



Devout Dirtbag
That’s a lovely example. Always had a soft spot for the polished aluminium GTs. The best era for GTs in my opinion. Good work!