Anyone recognise this? Thanks!


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How it is now, I recognise it as a complete abortion.

It is not a GT MTB with a triple triangle it may have something going for it.

After some more wine, I may be able to help better, but right now I am horrified.


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Something doesn't quite look right here.

Colnago and Reynolds stickers don't go together. It's not a Colnago anyway, because the tops of the hellenic stays are wrong. The give-away for the fork at least is the logo on the crown (as mattr says) but I can't put my finger on what it is.

It looks a bit "too" low pro to me, if that makes sense. Like it's wearing a 24" wheel at the front when it ought to have a 650c or something, but the brake drop suggests this is probably not the case. The brake blocks are at the bottom of the calipers, but I think the difference between a 24" and 650c is more than that. It could of course have a different fork because it does look like it has been powder coated or some other thick repaint. It's too hard to gauge the bottom bracket height with the angle of the pics. That's usually the giveaway.