Any Marin experts out there?


Marin Fan
My knowledge of Marin bikes dries up around 1995 and I’ve recently purchased two more post 2000 bikes.

Can someone help me with some of my questions, maybe? It would satisfy my curiosity.

How did the range for FRS bikes go up (ascend) post 1999? E.g. Which were the range toppers?

Why does my 2003 East Peak have different logos/colourway to the one one bikepedia? Did they change them for the UK?

Who made the Ovation tubing? Was it any good? The welding looks decent. Was this Marin branded because of the unique performing perhaps? Ie they weren’t just buying Tange tubes off the shelf any more.

The rest of the Ovation stuff seems crappy compared to Shimano? Anyone had any luck with it?

What about the Whyte components, are these good or just in house rebrands?

Didnt Mr Whyte also design the frames?

Sorry for all the questions feel Free to chip in with any interesting info!
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