1. A

    For Sale Marin B17 Enduro, freeride, DH build

    Bought as a Marin B17 frame in pearl white with Manitou X-Vert T fork in early 00's. Unique factory painted purple fork and black swingarm. Built as a downhill / enduro / singletrack bike and well maintained. No longer used enough so time to find a new home! Most recent upgrades were the Hope...
  2. F

    MARIN Bolinas Ridge (year?)

    Hey Folks! Got a MARIN Bolinas Ridge in my Garage. A guy out of my area gave it to me. I cannot find any picture of that paintjob in the web. Does anybody know something about the model year? Came these "gecco" decals from factory? Was it a youth bike? And is the frameset, some parts or the...
  3. T

    Help identify this Marin Team frame?

    Hi All Anyone has any idea what Marin this could be? Many Thanks
  4. L

    Wanted Marin lite T6 handle bar & 27.0 seat post

    Hey, came across a 1992 Team Issue that I want to bring into original shape. Desperately looking for the T6 handle bar and Marin lite seat post in good condition. Shipping to Germany a must. Please dig deep and help me making this a happy classic again 🙈😂
  5. C

    1995 Marin Eldridge Grade question

    Anyone have any literature in English for the specifications for this bike? Looks mostly original. Anyone have a stem cap for this bike, they are willing to sell/part with? I rarely see Marin vintage bikes in California even though they were birthed right here in Northern California...
  6. T

    Bobcat trail identification help!

    Hi there everyone! Just to preface I'm brand new to the retro bike scene and this is my first post on the forum so I don't know too much about what I'm looking at here. I was wanting to ask for some help identifying the old Marin I had when I was a kid, I remember buying it from a neighbor in...
  7. R

    Marin Indian fire 1998

    Hi new to Retrobike. Selling my Marin Indian Fire 1998. Any idea what it’s worth. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. W

    Marin Pine Mountain 1993 Decals (SVG) FOR FREE

    I designed decals for my Pine Mountain and decided to share them with everyone. I did not print them yet because I have no idea when I will repaint my bike (it might take years because I'm super lazy) so there might be some imperfections that can be corrected in a vector editor. Link...
  9. Stanflashm4n

    London to Brighton on an old Marin

    I have perhaps stupidly, definitely whilst slightly drunk, signed up to do the London to Brighton bike ride . And even more stupidly I have decided I want to do it on a 90s mountain bike and to try to build it in about a week . I also want to keep up with my mate who will be riding a proper road...
  10. Stanflashm4n

    Wanted Forks for a 92 & 95 Marin

    After some forks for two frames - 92 is a 19’’ black Eldridge grade (I have some for this but they are quite rusty…) and the 95 is 17.5’’ champagne-y silver Eldridge grade . Open to modern alternatives too if anyone has any , or recommendations. Cheers
  11. Stanflashm4n

    Original Marin Muirwoods paint?

    I spotted this bike whilst out and about at the weekend and wondered if this was an original paint job or if it had been resprayed? The fact it’s missing the marin decal made me think maybe not original…quite a nice job if someone had done it themselves though
  12. arkonline

    Sold Marin Bear Valley 1991, 19" frame with original Rockstar fork - £80

    Unfortunately due to a non-paying bidder, this classic 1991 Marin frame is back up for sale. It's supplied with the original 11/8" threaded steel Marin Rockstar forks. Frame is Tange double butted Cromoly steel. Still has the original grey Zolatone paintwork which is in pretty good condition...
  13. arkonline

    Sold Marin Rockstar 11/8" rigid fork, 1991, gloss black - £40

    Original 1991 Marin Rockstar fork for sale. Original build part with cantilever roller, paint is in really good nick. £50 including postage.
  14. arkonline

    Sold 1991 Marin Lite handlebars - £8

    Selling some bits for a Marin build I had on the go - original 1991 Marin Lite stem + Marin Lite seatpost + Marin bars. £8 each, or £20 for all three including postage.
  15. T

    Marin 1992 Team Issue

    Afternoon all, last year I started a thread as per the link below Was wondering how the market is looking now and to get a price for the bike. I want to sell it asap as it’s a shame just stuck in the garage especially if somebody could get...
  16. M

    Wanted MTB in 16" KONA Explosif, Kilauea, Hot or similar in SUNN, MARIN

    Hi there! I am looking for a complete steel bike or a frame kit in 16" ore very close, because I am only 160cm (5'3") tall. My favorite Kona's era is 1991-1997 and I would prefer rigid fork (project 2) but I am willing to consider other propositions. If you have a Sunn or Marin equivalent in...
  17. C

    For Sale MARIN Palisades Trail Steel Frame 1995 17,5" / 18" Tange triple butted

    this one can go as i have no plans for her. i see a tourer | commuter | travel build in this somehow, or...? anyhow, no dents or structural issues. all threads good. welded rack bolts for the rear. color dizzles in parts, but the cam does not show good. all over a clean slick sturdy frame with...
  18. M

    For Sale Marin Alpine Trail 2000

    My year 2000 Marin Alpine Trail, purchased from Bikes N Gear in Knutsford by myself in that year, with manual, front fork manual and microlube grease gun. Drivetrain replaced with Deore 3x9 in approx 2006, used sparingly since then. Wellgo magnesium pedals, variable speed rear shock Runs well...
  19. H

    1996 Marin Pine Mountain

    Picked up this lovely 1996 Marin Pine Mountain locally the other day, only had a quick look at it so far but it seems fairly original if a little scruffy. From what I can tell, it is bang on catalogue spec apart from the tyres (now Schwalbe Black Jacks), brake blocks and saddle. Down sides are...
  20. X

    Wanted Kona Explosif or D.O.G.S B.O.L.L.OX

    Hey, I’ve not been on here for years but a split from a 25 year relationship means I now want the bike from my childhood dreams again. My Explosif was a 95 (red) and stolen. I didn’t manage to get the Chas Robert’s but would be interested in clean tidy examples of either as original as...