Anti back-pain-stem recommendation please!


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Hi all. I’m planning on doing a few days/maybe a week of riding in Scotland in a month or so on this bike (1992 Marin Eldridge grade - which I made a thread about building/doing the London to Brighton on ) . One thing I’d like to change before I go is the stem, i found the riding position isn’t great for my back over a longer distance.
Has anyone got any recommendations for a nice , shorter , higher stem? IMG_3144.jpeg
I have a 90mm high rise Tioga T-Bone stem, 1 1/8 inch diameter.
Can share a photo if interested.

You can also use a riser handle bar for an even more upright riding position.
Using a straight seatpost would help also

Some sweep on the handlebar gives you the opportunity to experiment by rotating the bars slightly.

Judging by the saddle height though, your bars are too far forward - riders often react to a "too long" bike by raising the bars.

People often think a higher bar will ease back pain, but you have to be careful that you're not putting more load on your spine as you take it off your arms.
As above, I would try a seatpost with no setback and a shorter stem rather than a higher stem.

I spend most of my working life getting people comfortable on their bikes... and as a rule, those with high stems don't tell me how comfortable they are🙄

It's a complex business and can be a challenge for those with certain back trouble - although usually cycling is good for the skeleton.
Fixed excepted obvs😉
Oh and crashing.

Something to bear in mind though is that 10mm can be quite a difference
I didn't see that it was a quill stem. I love those cheap gooseneck style ergotec ones.


Tall stem, tall bars. Ah yes. The way it should be. I have to compensate somehow.

Would you look at my stiffy?
People always assume the lower back pain comes from being leant right over. It can also be because you're not stretching your legs out, i.e. your saddles too low. I've had many people flat out refuse to put it at correct pedalling height because "I can't touch the floor". Fine, deal with the aches, pains and unneeded extra effort then. Just trying to help.