Another Clockwork done…


Devout Dirtbag
Well that battled me most of the way for reasons I’m not sure of, but done now. Its one of the NOS frames I managed to get from Orange a couple years back.
A “Lemon” got finished ages ago but this one languished half built whilst I gathered bits. There is another to go which will be similar bar more Syncros stuff and different wheels (And definitely the last, as there are bikes everywhere).
For purists, lots on it isn’t the right year for the frame but the idea with all the ones I’m doing at the moment is to get it as close to the builds I had, which for this was around 92, which it now pretty much is (even the bottle!). Just a set of Control Tech bars eludes me….I’ve got some but theyre a Matt finish which just doesn’t work. It was a time of using old parts from previous bikes combined with pointless upgrades when you thought a different stem would make you a better rider….It does appear however that nothing made me any better.