And I shall call him Frankensplosif


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I've been meaning to update the old 'what is this' thread, figured it's better to break this off into a new 'look what I did' thread instead.

This may or may not be a '92 explosif, with almost certainly p2 forks. (Linky to discussion on that topic)
So given the questionable history of this frame I decided to build into a nice to ride rather than nice to look at, get out and put some miles down and see how things go.

As supplied to me, Mavic headset was OK after some clean grease, XT mechs and crankset strip and clean too, DX V brakes, art stem, amoeba bars, brooks saddle all a bit knocked about but good enough and work fine.
I bought a new seatpost since the one it came with was scratched to hell, cheap alloy one.
I scavenged some XT STI units from eBay after a few false starts I got there in the end.
I built wheels from hope blue hubs (front from my Pace, rear from ebay) and some 517 citrus rims from the forum, using some shiny new sapim db spokes and fetching blue nipples, and finished with some smooth panaracer ribmo rubber for rolling the streets. (Yes, the rear tyre is a 2.0 and the front a 1.25. I got bored half way thorough changing them over and thought sod it I'll leave it like that for now.)
I got a jagwire cable set with blue outers to go with the blue decals.
I swiped some dmr v8s from my zaskar parts bin, also blue.

And there we go, a simple, not too shiny looking bike for knocking around on made with quality parts which should give me many miles of riding without bother.

So far just used for pottering around town a few times on errands and a few trips to the park with the boy. Honestly, its a bit stiff now I'm used to bouncy forks but if drives really well when you put some go into the pedals, nice and light too which is nice. Now the weather is picking up I'm hoping to get out on this most evenings and get some miles done. Thats the logic for the slick tyres since its a road route around here really.


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18 month update on this build:
Still completely as built, no kit failures or anything so far. Reckon there's about 200 miles on this one so far. All seems to be working nicely :D
It's set up for roads and paths, light, rigid, slick tyres work well, brakes are more than adequate etc.
Things do get a bit shaky with the rigid forks on the rough stuff but not as bad as I had feared. I still had a possibly unfounded fear that the skinny tyres will just wipe out on the smallest bump or slightest damp patch and kill me. Not happened yet but still worries me :shock:


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Breaking this one up to make space for some new projects so shout up if there's any parts that you're after.

Frameset is on eBay now.