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Looking at the D1 instructions there are only two “calliper mounts” but I found a WI/RX hub on eBay last night with a 180mm rotor.

There must be different/longer options as this is what’s done with the adapter plates on modern bikes. Something doesn’t stack up…
GT had a “special” but there are no part numbers on the ones I have. IMG_3206.png IMG_3204.jpeg IMG_3207.jpeg
I can't remember the numbers, but didn't the Rock Shox rotors supplied with the gold Rock Shox calipers have a different diameter to the original AMP ones?...and presumably a mount option to fit a 180mm rotor.
I had a client try to fit RS calipers and rotors onto AMP mounts on an AMP frame and they fouled like yours.

The RS rotors work fine with the ISO-fit mounts on ISO frames and forks, but don't run on AMP frames or forks with the original AMP mounts.

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In process of rebuilding my b3 with f3 forks and somehow I’ve lost the spring for the front forks . Anyone have for sale or where i can get something similar
No, I’ve been distracted with other protects... If you could let me know what size you have, I think that will help solve this mystery.