ADVICE - Project Frameset - Jack of All Trades


Devout Dirtbag
Quick research piece before I commit to emptying the storage and loft out.

I've been tasked to get the kids bike seat on something before mid-February. Stay with me...

Usually I'd just keep putting it on something until it felt right but, after a 3 year enforced hiatus from riding, everything is either sold, parted or lost. Nothing 'new' I have is viable (BMX) and; nowadays I've only got spaces for 2 ridable bikes at a time!

There's a few things to consider:
Has to fit a Hammax Caress, downtube attaching, seat.
Both parents have to ride it.
It needs to be unassuming.
Low maintenance.
No suspension (see above).
Fit ballon tires (Schwalbe Super Motos)
Reasonably light.
Stable with an extra 12kg over the rear wheel.
Has to be 90's MTB otherwise why would I be here!
Any potential frameset needs to be reasonably priced.

Side note -what happened over the last 3 years? prices are borderline stupid now.

Riders have 32-33" inside leg but top tube is the issue. I'm 5'11 she's 5'8.

I still have a lot of Marin frames but I find the top tubes long. I'm trying not to commit to the 95 Indian Fire Trail I have (cold welded bottom bracket), but it does look good for this. I'm also sure I had 2 of these but I can't find the 2nd one.

I was thinking a Kona frame with that sloped top tube. I can just adjust the seat post between riders. Problem being, I'm not confident there will be enough tire clearance or angle for the clamp. It might also be a bit skitish up front the extra weight over the rear wheel.

I have a 94 Lava Dome frameset somewhere. I've always thought, even on a Kona frame sized right for me, I look like I'm riding a frame one size down from what I should be, they always seem a bit dainty.

I did think a mid-90s Rock Lobster geometry might work?

- Any suggestions/experience appreciated.