Advice on Pinarello Banesto replica project


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Time ago I was lucky I had a Montello for 20+ years but unfortunatelly I sold it also many years ago...Was not a good decision .... and now I've just purchased a Pinarello Banesto replica in very nice condition. Comes with Ultegra 9 speed that is also good to me and don't want to replace with older Record or Durace...

EDIT: now I've started to look at it with some detail, I'd say it's not a banesto replica, as there isn't any banesto decal ;). Likely to be a Stelvio, that is essentially the same, What's your oppinion ?

Not going to ask about hoods because I already know it's impossible to get any replacement, but I'd appreciate any help on:

- stem: taking into account groupset is ultegra 6500, not really oldy, would you leave current stem or go with ITM 700 as an example ? I'd prefer black stems as it remembers my old Montello ;)
- decals : any advice where I can get GOOD pinarello banesto decals ? I know lots of places in the Internet , but looking for someone with real experience here as I need to aply exactly over the old spaces that are more "white" than the rest of the frame itself that got little darker.

Here the pic:


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Thanks for the advice. Will go for an ITM 700 if I can found it at reasonable price ;)
I found today I need one almost square and to raise it a little bit more than usual as the frame size 52 is a little bit small for me...

Anyone could advice how to determine if tube is Oria or Kens ? I used to measure diameter and check against some tables but no clue about Kens tubing


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I've cleaned / polished the frame carefully (manual process ;) and it looks great. Also new tires, waiting for decals and stem to arrive...

I was wondering if it's possible to find elite ciussi spare rubbers, as mine look quite "brown" instead of red. I've already looked at ebay but no luck. Anyone knows if these are available as spares ?



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Some updated pics..
Not yet completed, as still trying to source some decals (oria tubing and P) and little bit more but after replacing huds, cabling, new decals, polishing seat post , carefull paint polishing, updated itm stem, same look arc pedals but in grey, new pullys, tyres, and general cleaning... here it is: (once FULLY completed, I'll post NICE pics ;)


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Here you have it . A nice Pinarello Stelvio frame from early 90's with Ultegra 6510 that rides very smooth. It's 99% done, just missing some Oria ML34 decals maybe I can find some day ....


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The bike looks great - the stem was a good match. The team bikes used the ITM400 stem in black so good pic.
If it makes you feel any better about the Oria decals - many of the team bikes were made from other tubing even though some of the bikes wore Oria decals for sponsorship purposes. The 1994 bikes for example were made from Excel tubing which was the preferred material of the framemaker. Some of the team bikes wore no tubeset decals at all.