a UK bike trade shop owner FYI for the masses!

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jonnyboy666":3j836az1 said:
it's a shame i haven't had time to ride much this last year though, it's a bit soul destroying to constantly fix bikes and not ride them yourself :(

I only managed someone else's chain bitd but I know that feeling all too well...

We need a thread ‘ Bike Shop, Tales from the Dark Side’ sometime.

Worrying Intel in the posts above. Maybe there is an opportunity for more UK based manufacturing again. Lets hope so :)
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FluffyChicken":2lryy1lm said:
Or more grey imports :)

nope these will dry up as well, it's simply stuff is not being made in the numbers required, then the logistics/pandemic/brexit etc is making it worse.

just got an email this morning from a supplier, i'd asked about any particular items that he would advise that i should stock up on now, here is a partial screenshot of that message.


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