A Pilgrimage to Mt. Tamalpais and the Marin Museum of Bicycling


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So, it was just my birthday.

It was on a Tuesday. And it was shit.

But the following weekend we headed North (my first time in Northern California), to stay with a friend in Berkeley. Which meant we were only 40 minutes or so from Marin County, and the birthplace of all this nonsense we're all so consumed by.

Be rude not to really?

Anyway, so much I could say. So much I will say, if anyone wants to hear/read all about it?

But two quick things:

1. Joe Breeze was pottering around outside the (excellent) museum, fiddling with bikes they were selling to help fund the place! He was a lovely, lovely, totally normal humanbeing, as you might expect. Chatted happily about all things then and now, and was even kind enough to share with me a list of frames (road and MTB) they currently have for sale (people donate collections and parts all the time, to help them finish restorations, as well as sell-off for profit so that the doors can stay open).

All the staff were lovely, informative and welcoming. But the fact Joe f******g Breeze was there to chat, um, breeze, really was a dream come true. As well as a lovely belated birthday gift.

(Big ups to the Mrs, too. Who sat outside for over an hour with the dog, who wasn't allowed in!)

2. I took quite a few photos of bikes from the collection, as you might imagine! If anyone here would like to see those, I'm happy to post some up?

I'll just leave this one here for now:


As a regular denim western-wearer, I was stoked to see this made it into the museum collection!

Oh and, it was quite nice outside too...


Just don't ask me whether I rode my bike out there at all...
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Oh Man, I am so jealous !!

I would love to hear more, I was watching a film/documentary about it a few nights ago, fascinating story.


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Cool 😎 that last photo looks like Landscape painting!
Marin County, Mt Tam, the museum, are all places on my list to visit someday (sooner rather than later!)

I’d be interested in seeing more of the photos you took whilst in the area.

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Wish I could make the trek over there, so I would say you are obliged to share more pics! Oh and happy (belated) birthday!


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Hahaha, glad to be of service everyone!

I'll do a multi-post image dump of bikes later on today.

Cant promise great angles, or all the details you might want/need. The display was a little weird, honestly. With a lot of dream whips places high on the walls, so it was hard to get up close and personal to any of them. For understandable reasons I suppose! But I did my best.

One thing I did blow it on though, was all the bikes had a little plaque below them, explaining exactly what they were and from when. And I don't think I got photos of each one.

Let's see...