A lesson in how to send retro parts....


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Dyna-Ti had a pair of rims up for sale which I took off his hands.... they arrived today in this custom wooden box, exactly how amazing is this?! Thank you Andy.



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I think this is a bit too much. Its just some old hardboard glued and pinned onto some 12mm mdf.
Wait till you see the other side of the hardboard :LOL: One was used for painting on, the other has a big splotch of mixed concrete from making my crate stool. :LOL:

Simply made box, and all is well, safe and sound.

On the subject of boxes.
Dave (member) sent me a new bulb rear hub, as part of a swop and I reckon I got the better deal.
So I made him a box as a thanks.
Just doesn't fell right not to give back to such generosity :cool: Thanks D, ive the pair now. Damn good hubs.


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A few years ago, I bought (from ebay...) a NOS mavic 230Tib. very pleased I was, until it turned up. In a black bin bag. no tape, no padding, just loose, in a black bin bag.

Unbelievably, it arrived in perfect condition, despite the bag being shredded.

I try to use corrogated plastic sheet & duct tape, lightweight, stiff, and tough.


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Great idea! :cool:

I've been trying to send a pair of 700c rims to one of our members who lives in abu dhabi but the postage is so expensive.
I'm trying to keep the wheels safe, so i've used an oversized box to do so, but of course this bumps up the weight and the price.

I'm going to give it a go tomorrow.


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This is great, I always send whatever I sell in a way I'd hope to receive it. You pay good money for parts, the least you can do is make sure they arrive as pictured/sold.

Bubble wrap, pipe lagging, custom boxes, whatever it takes. Sometimes the the boxes I use look shabby on the outside, but on the inside, it's all protected. To quote a fellow seller "she may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts kid".

Nice work.