Wanted A decent 27.2 carbon/aluminium seatpost - by Friday?!

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I've got a ride coming up Saturday that's been a while in the planning (availability of friends etc) and my Easton EC90 seatpost finally broke altogether on my ride today (the carbon ridges on the clamp have worn so much that it won't hold the saddle in place). I have a really shabby spare 27.2 post in the garage that I *could* use at the weekend, or I could get a cheap/rubbish one from Amazon prime to arrive the next day, but I'd rather not buy twice, so thought I'd check if anyone has something that they could send first class in the next couple of days? It's for a road bike so shouldn't need to be too long, setback rather than inline. If at all possible it would be something that can fit oval carbon rails as well as standard - I think most posts that have a simple top and bottom piece that clamp together can be used with both.

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Right, I'm sorted for the weekend now (decent value light-ish Deda seatpost coming from PBK and the manual confirms it'll do both 7 x 7 and 7 x 9 rails), though sooner or later I'll be on the lookout for something carbon, lighter and fancier to replace it with!
I was In communication with him regards the s.post a while back. At that time he was prepared to split and sell seperately. Never know you might be able to pick up the post for £40-50.