A complete museum!!

Definitely money to be made there, even if flipping them on eBay for very competitive rates.

Some nice bikes to pick a few from to keep as well.

Hire a transit and fill the garage up.

Oh, and watch the letterbox for the divorce papers…
Ooh, there’s a manitou unicorn in there too unless my eyes deceive me.

They do. It’s the Marin version, hiding behind the yellow Giant
Not really a "gem".

Since I am a good fan of Mongoose Amplifiers (B3!) and look out for them regularly, I see the AMP Mercedes pretty constantly at Kleinanzeigen. They are around 300 / 400 Euros and NOBODY ever buys them.
Why not ?
Import duty?
You won't be able to hide that under some clothes in the boot, and you're definitely not going to get through customs saying you're "a keen cyclist" and it's all for personal use.
Mind you if postage is 4 euros I'll just get them sent🤣

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