They are original Smoke’s!
But I think it needs skinwalls
Not sure whether to break open the NOS NIB Onza Porcs
Or a pair of lovely Ritchey Z Max I have in 2.35. Go full Moto 🤣
Awesome build and thread. Great work 👍
How do you find the Onza headset? No matter how many times I rebuild it - and pack it with like 1lb of grease (!) - it still either binds or rocks within about a day. Keeping it in the sweet spot seems impossible?
Thanks @Silverfish. Well, no problem here with the Mongo headset. So don't know what to say :confused:. Do you have a rebuild thread of your Sanny? BTW, le link to the Yeti C26 in your signature is dead.
I think the bearings are gone on mine
No Sanny rebuild thread yet
And c26 link is gone - I’ll delete it from my signature