700c Suspension Forks?


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I have an old road frame that I was thinking of turning into a singlespeed/commuter/long weekend ride kind of a bike. It needs some forks and I was wondering if the 700c suspension forks on ebay etc are any good? There's a few about... Rockshox i-ride, RST, Suntour Swing Shock etc etc...

I used to be a staunch fan of rigid forks on my bikes, but I guess as I age I find the softness of suspension more appealing. I'm not too fussed about the weight.
CRC have some cheap Suntour 700c suspension forks. However, RockShox used to do some Ruby (?) forks which were for 700c wheels. Theses will have been quite like compared with the modern Suntour forks.
You mean the Rock Shox "Roubaix" forks? the ones designed for the Paris-Roubaix road race etc? I'd love some of those but I expect they're rarer than hens dentures, and twice as expensive :shock:

I'll check out CRC though :D
That's the one! Can remember then from a catalogue years ago. Think they'll be pretty simple inside (elastomers), so there's probably a few 'spares or repairs' ones going around that'd just need a quick clean up and new elastomers. The Suntours will do the job but might be a little heavy.
There were two types of RockShox road forks, the Paris-Roubaix SL from around '94/95 and the Ruby from '97 - the PR-SL was basically a Mag 21, whereas the Ruby was similar to the indy, Type II springs and all:

Paris-Roubaix SL:






Nice piece on the PR-SL: http://bikehugger.com/post/view/rock-sh ... aix-sl-for
There was a 700c Manitou 3 (hen's teeth) on ebay.com yesterday. It seems to have become vapourware.
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