2x 94 WTB Phoenix

Folks, i have some News....

here is the last puzzle part for the blue one...
It seems to be NOS...not important but cool.
thanks to the buddy who helped me out with that very special part.
thanks aloooooot
cheers Kay

will add some pics once its mounted and i got the time to take it for a spin.
cheers Kay

hey i took the time to fit the prey of the last time on the blue Phoenix.

At least i have to say that there is no more WTB parts left to throw it at the frame.

new bar with more sweep

new post

and pedals

Project finished,....BAM! 20 years of hunting,.... :facepalm:
cheers Kay

i´m already bored.
Great work Kay!! I just can't get over how good your photos are...very simple and they make me wanna own your bikes ;)

found this old thread of mine and wanted to add some pix of the white one.
I made some small changes and at the moment it looks like this:

but there are some more changes to come,...
cheers Kay