Wanted 27.2mm setback carbon seatpost & Lezyne pump mount

Fatal Swan

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I'm ideally looking for an Easton EC70/EC90 or similar design carbon seatpost, ideally the sort of thing here:


27.2mm, length 280mm minimum, will be used on a road bike. It needs to be a top-and-bottom type clamp as I want to be able to use both round 7mm rails and oval 7x9mm. Other similar carbon setback posts considered.

Also I'm looking for a Lezyne pump frame mount (bottle cage fit) for a Road Drive pump. I have a few for the HP type pumps but they're different from the one I'm after, which is this type:

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Got a really nice Hope carbon post, but it's carbon or round rail specific. That said you can get the rail kits easily for about £25. Set up for carbon rails at the mo. After £70 posted. Can do pics early next week.

Thanks for the reply! I really want to be able to switch saddles easily between two that I currently use (lightweight carbon for short faster rides and Ti rails for full day rides), so the clamp type is a priority really. Also with the frame it's on I need 25mm setback (well 20mm at least), and I'm not sure if the carbon Hope ones I've seen have that much, do they?
Ah, yes, the hope is only 15mm layback - and with a faffy clamp system. My apologies for wasting your, mine and everyone's time.😬