21" 1992 Breezer Storm


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What we've got here is a 21” 1992 Breezer Storm, purchased new in 1993 from John's Bikes in Bath. While it had some hard use in its first year or two, it’s spent most of it’s life wearing slicks and bombing around town. Reason for the sale is I'm moving abroad and don’t have room to take it with me.


Condition wise the paint job has a fair few dinks and abrasions (see here for more photos), but structurally the frame is in good condition with no cracks, bent bits or major rust. The drivetrain still runs smoothly, it’s recently had a new cassette, chain and all cabling. Rear wheel could do with a little true but that’s about it.

Most of the finishing kit is original, with some bits having been replaced out of necessity:

Ritchey Vantage rims on Deore DX hubs (original)
Deore XT levers and rapidfire shifters (original)
Deore XT v-brakes (replacement for shot DX cantilevers)
Deore DX crankset (original)
Deore DX front and rear derailleurs (original)
Ritchey handlebars and seatpost (original)
Breezer stem (original)

I’m not looking for a lot of money, I’ve owned the bike from new, have got more than my money’s worth out of it, and feel like it needs to go to someone who will give it the love and attention it deserves. With that in mind, and considering it’s had a bit of money spent on it in the last couple of years, I’m asking £150 (+ courier fees if applicable). Preference given to anyone who can make my life easy and collect (Bishopston in Bristol).

Thanks for reading :)


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If anyone wants the parts..

I am really intersested in de frame, forks and original hardware.
Only have to ship to Holland, or some fellow retrobiker must help me..:)

Looking for this size for ages.


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Just to say, shipping the bike isn't a problem. It's just that I don't have a car and won't have the use of one until late next week, so getting hold of a box to pack the bike in isn't so easy. Plus it'd be another thing to add to the long list of tasks I have to do ahead of my move, so collection would definitely be preferred :)