2012 Charge Duster

Yeah, these are meant to be the XC forks, dread to think what the jump ones come in at!
I'll keep an eye out for some Cromotos, there's no hurry with this, so however long it takes. 👍 😁

Re CroMoto, Jelle may have a pair or two with the right AC height:
This won't be done any time soon but thought I'd throw some parts on it. The fork and wheels obviously won't stay. Probably not the chainring either but it's a start. 👍 😁 _20240524_123948.JPG
I have three trains of thought with the wheels and brakes on this: Keep it cheap, Shimano hubs, they now do a cartridge bearing centrelock hubs, RRP £50 for the pair. Laced into the Crests I already own with 32 revolution spokes and get a set of MT200 brakes.
A bit more: Hope Pro 5 hubs with the same rim/spokes, same brakes. Spending the extra on nicer hubs would probably benefit in the long run?
All out: Pro 5 hubs, carbon rims, revs 24h. Tech 4 brakes. Will be super lightweight, probably infinitely servicable with the Hope bits, will look cool but £££££? Hmm...... not sure?
I expect the danger here is doing it cheap, not being happy, then going all out anyway. Is it better to take a bit longer or get it riding?
just saw this thread

i have a 2010 charge duster skinny mid in kawasaki green bought new back in 2011.

unfortunately i have to admit that i haven't looked after it as it is my shopping/town bike nowadays :-(

here is a video i did on the day i got it having just ridden back from melksham cycle centre and was near cherhill heading back home.

i do plan on giving it some tlc at some point as it deserves it to say the least.
Got a few bits here or on the way.
Forks. Still haven't properly made my mind up but a set of the Identitis came up on ebay barely used for £75, they'll look the part, if a bit hefty, till I either decide it's fine or something else pops up.
Drivetrain. Have a nice 10 speed 11-36 XX cassette I want to use, So have ordered a PC-1091R chain and an X0 rear mech and trigger. Also got a 10 speed Gripshift to investigate. Cranks are Middleburn RS-7s on a Royce BB and I have a 32t, direct mount narrow/wide ring on it.
Just need to decide on wheels and brakes now.