1998 Specialized Rockhopper 13"


Bontrager Fan

Got to love a tiny rockhopper.

I built this for my partner a few years ago - this photo is in touring mode when we did the hebridean way (me on a titanium wonder bike, her on a cheap '90s mtb. She kept up), but it spends most of its time in MTB mode.



Devout Dirtbag
After reading so much about Autosol I figured I'd give it a shot. Started off with three grades of sanding pads then Autosol on some kitchen roll for the finishing polish. Very pleased with how the cranks and fork crown came out, unfortunately I might have to ditch the cranks but at least for now they look shiny.



Now all I need is a rear derailleur, the courier lost one that I ordered at the start of December so the bike's just been sitting patiently. Hopefully in a week or two it'll finally be ready once the replacement derailleur arrives. Can't wait.


Devout Dirtbag
...and it's done! The rear derailleur arrived yesterday, I gave it a good clean and fitted it today.

I was having trouble with the lower jockey wheel until I realised that I'd replaced it back to front. Classic. After sorting that rookie error out (they even have directional arrows on, and I still managed to mess up!) I set it all up and took it out for a ride.


I was concerned previously that the wonky chainring would be an issue but for now it seems fine, and I really like the look of the spider so I'll keep the LX cranks for now.

I've got some new wheels on the way that will suit it a little better, and then these current wheels will be migrated over to the Hardrock singlespeed build.