1998 GT Avalanche LE


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1998 GT Avalanche LE 18". I bought the frame during lockdown, was unsure which model or year at the time. Due to the serial numbers and frame characteristics it was identified as a 98 Avalanche LE. I actually wanted a 98 Zaskar at the time to build up to the spec I used to have back in the day but there weren't any available. After many hours of polishing and acquiring the parts either from my stash, new or used it's time to put one of my many other frames together. It hasn't been ridden and as you can see a lot of the parts are new and unused.

Even after all the polishing there are still a few marks on the frame which are visible in the photos, a previous owner decided to scratch a code in to the frame which is now faint and some cable rub, I can send further photos if required.

I do have some 96 Judy XC's and 97 Bomber Z1's but they aren't refurbished yet so will have to go on the next projects.

£425 will not split

• New On One forks unused
• New FSA Orbit MX headset
• New UN-55 Bottom bracket
• New Schwalbe Billy Bonkers tyres unused
• New blue anodised mech hanger and bottle cage bolts
• New cables throughout and cable guide
• New old stock Kore stem
• Club Roost Team Roost saddle
• Shimano DX V brakes
• Shimano DX SPD’s
• X-Lite top cap
• X-Lite and Hope spacers
• X-Lite G-Force bars
• Mavic 217 on LX front wheel
• Mavic X517 on LX rear hub
• LX rear mech
• Deore front mech
• LX front and rear shifters
• Many hours of polishing the frame and new decals from Retro Decals

Based in Berkhamsted for collection or can courier at a cost.


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