1997 Rockshox Judy XC servicing advice


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Good evening all,

Firstly, I apologise if this question has been asked a lot, I have used the search function, and have read a few threads on the topic.

I have a 97 Stumpjumper comp, with some Rockshox Judy Xc’s on it.

Firstly- how do I tell whether they are the standard 63mm, or long travel 80mm versions?

I unscrewed the top caps on the forks today, out of curiosity, and as expected, the elastomers (or mcu’s) have crumbled. The fork is still smooth and springs back up, but obviously I would like to replace the elastomers. I believe these are type 2 forks with one long mcu at the top of each leg.

Can anyone advise on the best place to get replacement elastomers, and other items to service the forks? UK preferably.

I have contacted rva (member on here), but he informs me he doesn’t produce replacements for my forks.

Are there any issues with light use, with the forks in their current state?

Thanks for any advice, it’s very much appreciated.


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Stump_Jumper":3ay3zx77 said:
Firstly- how do I tell whether they are the standard 63mm, or long travel 80mm versions?

Pull the legs off and remove the damper or neutral shaft and measure the shaft length. I do not remember off hand which is which.


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Long travel say so on the legs, unless they have been changed, which I doubt it.

Or the MCU is 15cm longer when you measure it, hahaha ;-)

MCU should be 100mm for 63 travel.

or extend the fork and measure the exposed station (but it can't remember the numbers).

Anyways, pull the legs off and check the condition of the legs and insides.

check the damper for oil etc. Manuals and stuff are in the Archive.
http://www.retrobike.co.uk/gallery2/v/M ... e/Service/


Dirt Disciple
Thanks for the info chaps.

I have pulled the top caps off both legs. Luckily the mcu in the other leg is still intact. Probably why the forks still feels ok. It measures 100mm.

I have been pointed in the direction of a chap on eBay who makes new mcu’s, and he has done a few sets of these forks. I shall probably order some from him, and some grease.

Need to gently dig out the crumbled old mcu from inside one of the legs!

So much for this bike not becoming another project!



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