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Okies so many of you may know or may not know that I have an Orange X1 addiction!! I've owned 7 or 8 over the years and still own and ride my original Chrome 97 X1 which started it all off all those years ago!! Anyway Orange are not the easiest manufacturer to obtain retro history or build convention but using the X1's I've owned, the ones I've seen and a little help from Halifax Orange HQ I can elude to the various versions.

The Orange X1 Standard (Chrome Frame / Orange Rear Triangle or Chrome Frame / Yellow Triangle or even Red Triangle / Chrome Frame)
The Orange X1 RS (Red Frame / Off White Triangle RS Decals)
The Orange x1 Pro (Blue Frame / Grey Rear Triangle Pro Decals)

There have been some anomalies to this with some other random colour combos surfacing but this is the general format and backed up by Orange.

Now the X1 Pro I own and the subject of this thread is one of the last X1's to roll off the production line. it also carries a few additions which the others do not. The rear Triangle is embossed at the wheel stays with the Orange Logo. It also appears to be slightly beefier than my others in construction. It has a metal Head Tube Logo and the decals advertise the Orange Website which would have been launching around then. It doesn't have the Rear Disc Mount like my other 97 X1 does???

Anyway back to the build. This was a cheap eBay score, impulse purchase after a few ales one night, well why not? However all was not what it seemed. There was a reason I got it so cheap. The Strata Shock had given up holding air and the Hope BB wasn't particularly nice and had seized good and proper in the frame. Several BB tools later and a conversation with my old neighbour (also a Retrobike nut) and I let him take a grinder to the Titanium BB and with an improvised tool remove it from the frame. A new Shock was found (Cheers Ishaw) and at last I could finally start the build. I wanted to stray away from a Totally Shimano Groupset and plumped for Avid 2.0 V Brakes and 1.0 Levers all dated 1997. I also sourced a RaceFace XC Crank which yes I know it is slightly out the age range of the bike does sit nice on it. Some Pace RC38's Air Force forks joined to the frame via a Ritchey 1" Threadless Headset and its starting to look like a bike. Ritchey Rock Comp Rims on XT Hubs and Porc tyres will keep me sticking to the trails. whilst the XT739 Shifters and Mechs will keep shifting nice and smooth.

I do need to source Grips (Ritchey WCS or Friction Addiction) Brake Cables, Chain & Pedals, so if anyone has anything lying around in their parts bin drop me a line.

So onto the pics. As always more updates to follow. And feel free to comment or give feedback. Don't be shy!!!

Jussa :)


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What a great surprise to check in this morning and find a tidy X1 having a bit of surgery and a make over

Has all the makings of turning out real sweet - certainly staying tuned in for this one

That BB removal looked a tad serious - must have given you quite a buzz when your improv tool started to budge it