1997 Full Ti Raleigh Road bike (modern upgrades)


Dirt Disciple
Not sure if this is allowed but I’ll post it anyway..

Here is my 1997 full Ti Raleigh Road bike Frame which I’ve built up with modern parts..

It features a full Dura Ace 9000 cable 2 x 11spd groupset.
Specialized Pave’ carbon fibre seatpost which has an elastomer in it give some rider comfort.
Giant SLR Aero carbon fibre handle bars.
Brooks cambium saddle
Thompson Stem
3T Stealth 35mm carbon fibre wheels with 28mm Panaracer Gravelking tyres.
Xlab Carbon fibre bottle cages (although I’d like some Ti ones)

It rides beautifully, i love it to bits and hope some of you appreciate it too.


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Senior Retro Guru
Yummy. Love the subtle colour combo. Dura Ace black ‘shadowing’ suits it perfectly.


Dirt Disciple
Thanks, I’m really pleased it. A mix of old and new isn’t for everyone but I think the timeless frame allows it.


Old School Hero
Personally I love to see older frames brought bang up to date with modern components.

The colour and visual bulk of the DuraAce works really well aesthetically here.

This is a fabulous practical, individual and elegant build - love it!


Devout Dirtbag

Very nice. Love titanium, love retro mods. But I’ll never get on with that DA 9000 chainset!


Dirt Disciple
Re: Re:

ElCani":2tm99jbq said:
Very nice. Love titanium, love retro mods. But I’ll never get on with that DA 9000 chainset!

Thanks, I love the DA9000, It’s one of the best looking chainsets Imho!


Old School Grand Master

Stunning bike. The frame looks completely contemporary - doubt anyone would see it as a 23 year old classic.

Was the build straight forward? Everything fitted etc


Dirt Disciple

Thankyou, yep totally straight forward, no issues in compatibility at all - just like a regular bike build, and it rides so well!