1995 Zaskar


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Frame: GT Zaskar 19" 1995 model

Fork: Rock Shox Judy XC with speed springs

Headset: Tioga Alchemy
Stem: GT cro mo Flip Flop 145mm
Handlebar: Kalloy 580mm 5 degree flat
Grips: GT
Barends: no
Brakes: M737 cantilever
Brake Pads: M737 cartridge
Brake Cables: Shimano
Cantilever cable hangers: M737
Brake Levers: ST M738

Shifters: ST M738
Front Derailleur: M737 bottom pull
Rear Derailleur: M737
Derailleur Cables: shimano
Cassette: CS-M737
Chain: Shimano HG90
Cranks: FC M737 175mm
Crank Bolts: M737
Chainrings: M737 22 32 42
Chainring bolts: M737
Bottom Bracket: Shimano UN71
Pedals: Shimano XT SPD

Hub Skewers: M737
Rims: Mavic 217 SUP UB Control
Hubs: M737 A
Nipples: Black alloy
Spokes: Ritchey double butted stainless
Tyres: Maxxis
Tubes: IRC

Saddle: Selle Italia Flite
Seatpost: Tioga t Bone 27.0
Seatpost Binder: Salsa

Weight: Not bad for her age.


updated, current pictures:



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Love the bike (I'm currently looking for another Zaskar myself!), and I like the way that you're building it with functional kit, rather than period correct stuff. Old bikes are meant to be ridden and not just polished and admired! Nice one :)


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yeah, i rode it to work and back today, and cafe stop of course before work. its a great conversation starter. everyone loves ball burnished frames and chunky welds, even if they aren't cyclists!


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Very nice, reminds me of my old Zaskar LE back in 95. It looks pretty well period correct with most of the components. XT M737 is great functional stuff too.
GT were using Kore finishing kit in 1996 and 1997. They may still have be using Syncros stuff in 1995 though. Regardless, I'd flip the existing stem over and stick with that, then look for a nicer seatpost and saddle. A Flite would be a great choice.


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yeah i looked around for a bit for kore, but again equally hard to track down. its a very steep, 15 degree or similar stem, i flipped it because i don't like high ends. but it is too dumped, makes the bike handle very funny with it that low..the stem coming is a flippable 84/6 which will work better for me.

i like ritchey stuff, its light, strong, affordable and looks nice and simple. i'll see what it looks like once its all on. if it bugs me, well yeah i'll start hunting around for kore or syncros.

yes, cows in cars on here has a nice black vintage flite that i have bought from him, so just a case of hanging out by my letter box now :)


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A jersey to match, and get me in the spirit of the times.


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