1995 Marin Pine Mountain neo-retro build


Dirt Disciple
Hi all, wasn’t sure where to put this, as I’ve had a fun project updating my ‘95 Pine Mountain....the frame and some parts count as pre-1997....soooo....;)

It’s been my faithful XC bike since I got it used in 1996. I finished updating it a bit to ride again. This thing is so predictable and fits like a glove, I just love ripping single track with it.

Original parts:
White Industries cranks
White Industries front hub
XT M739 front and rear derailleurs

The rest:
Marzzo Z4 Flylight Air (2000 I believe) - replaced Manitou 4’s which went on my dad’s bike.
Ritchey Scuzzy Logic Pro headset
XT M739 vbrakes
M739 levers and shifters (thanks to fellow retro bikers!!!)
Titec seatpost (still looking for a Syncros)
wheels are newer, LX M565 rear hub, same old WI front, laced to Mavic XC717 rims
Found some NOS ODI Yeti grips, which are very plush.

Rubber is newer Continental Cross King and Trail King. I sadly had to retire my old Specialized Team Master and Control tires as the rubber was cracking.


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