1995-1996 Manitou Mach 5 Recall


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I recently acquired a '95/'96 Manitou Mach 5, and found out it had been recalled. Apparently a small percentage (unknown #) of the forks were prone to cracking causing immediate separation of the wheel from the fork.

  • 1. Does anyone have any experience with these forks, and should I be hesitant to use them even if the serial number on my fork is not part of the recall?
  • 2. Assuming my serial number falls within the recall notice, how much of a risk is it to use them?

I know in the interest of my own safety, I should not even risk using it even if it is not part of the recall, but can owners of this fork tell me if I should just toss it. I mean just looking at how wimpy the dropouts look compared to a Judy makes me paranoid.

Having said that, I just love the look of them! They look the business!!!



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That fork is probably fine for light duty (around town/gravel trail) but I don't think it's right for that Trek frame anyway. That frame is from the late 90s and should have a better fork from the same time period. I have a Marzocchi on my Trek and it's great.


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I snapped one of those back in 1995, face planted the ground without warning, got knocked out, was quite a serious crash. Having said that, I was not just riding to the shops..... probably ok for XC use but be careful not to over jump anything.