1994 Mongoose Amplifier named Maurice - Updated 22.03.11


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She finally arrived!
(Yes for some strange reason to the mongoose heritage I decided to name her Maurice)

This was and has been my dream bike since i was 14-15, drooling over it at the local Mongoose dealership. It was untouchable and something I thought i could only dream of having. Now i have it :)

My credo always has been (at least in my adult years); Treat your horse like your woman and your woman like your horse... I guess you might say the same thing about mountain bikes..

It was originally bought for a wife of a mountain biker who clearly had cash to spend. Except his wife didn't like mountain biking after riding the bike for about 50miles total so it has been sitting in a garage for the last decade and a half. Then it was sold on a garage sale on ebay for 305 bucks.

(If you listen closely you can almost hear violins... such a sad story for a bike that meant to be raced)

Now to make up for its neglect..

(this is how i got it from ebay)

Frame: Mongoose Amplifier (guessing 1993-94)

Fork: Answer Manitou 3

Headset: diacompe Aheadset
Stem: Kore aluminium
Handlebar: Ritchey Fore Lite
Grips: no idea - Clear silicone

Brakes: XT V brakes (BR739 i think)
Brake Pads:
Brake Cables:
Cantilever cable hangers:
Brake Levers:XT S-TM 737

Shifters: ST-M737 Rapid Fire Plus
Front Derailleur: XT top pull FD-M737
Rear Derailleur: RD-M737 SGS (long cage) STI compatible 8 speed SIS compatible, Integrated 8 SIS on the cage
Cassette: unidendified guessing suntour 7spd
Chain: CN-HG90 or 91: Hyperglide and STI compatible
Cranks: Deore LX type unidentified
Chainrings: Hyperglide
Pedals: VP beartrap
Hub Skewers: Specialized red anodized aluminium
Rims: Mavic
Hubs: Front; TNT Titanium, Rear; SunTour XC Pro
Tyres: Panaracer Magic
Saddle: Concor Superlegra comfort
Seatpost: Kore Titanium


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Fully assembled


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nice to see another black Mongoose Amplifier on here. similar story that I've always wanted one BITD, but in my case, only seen in magazines. I've built mine up with same generation full XT kit that's on yours.

looking forward to see more pics of yours, which is in MUCH better condition than mine. Mine has lived a hard life compared to yours. :(


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Added final assembly pics.

Im just wondering if that suntour hub will support an 8spd cassette (im guessing only a suntour cassette would fit?)


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IRIX":kburgvm8 said:
Added final assembly pics.

Im just wondering if that suntour hub will support an 8spd cassette (im guessing only a suntour cassette would fit?)

Looks cool, I think you will have few options with the rear hub, it may be easier to get an XTm737 rear hub from somewhere.


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Nice one! I saw it on Ebay and wished it was a larger size. :cry: It came spec'd with some nice parts! Any changes in the works, or will you leave it as-is?


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im planing to change the rear hub to a m737 8spd with an 8spd cassette, possibly changing the cranks to m737 as well (to make it a complete XT groupset)

might change the grips and slap on some nice bar ends too :)

And that saddle will give me a vagina so that has to go... Thats one mean torture device..

included a better view of the rear hub


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It should be good with the full complement of XT, it looks like my GT RTS-1, as that has black front and polished rear with full XT m737 group.

I 've used a black stem on the GT though to make it disapear in the frame and headset.