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Picked this frame up a while back, and its been slowly evolving ever since. I was going to fit some low travel forks to it, but the frame is just not designed for suspension, and so it stays rigid. I had a couple of purple bits, and thought sod it, lets pimp it out with purple. A few weeks back I also had the wicked thought of fitting purple outer cables which I don't think it makes it look too bad.

Collecting the purple bits along the way led me to a purple Pace STX spider adapter which made sure I fitted a full 1994 STX groupset as well.

Finally finish after finding an nswer that had been there all along. I ordered a problem saver front mech pulley from a bike shop I won't name, and I don't know if it will ever turn up, but in the mean time further googling pointed me back here, and a comment on this post http://www.retrobike.co.uk/forum/viewto ... p;start=10 pointed me towards using the wheel from an Acor Pizza Cutter rear mech cable guide. So it's allowed me to finish this project.

Also in the process of originally trying to source the front mech pulley, on a couple of cyclocross sites, it says the run the cable how I've done it as it makes better shifting. I don't really know if thats true or not, but it looks a bit different.


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Love it. I had one the same colour. Mine was Tange db cromoly with matching blue straight blade forks. I'd love another 90's Merlin frame!(I did put short travel suspension forks on mine... and it was better without).