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Dirt Disciple
OK off to the model shop this weekend to find a paint match for frame and forks. They have a large range of model paints in a big display which are easily got at to find good candidates. I tend to get a few options because it’s unlikely to get a spot on match but with a bit of mixing can get close. They also have super fine paint brushes. I tend to blob paint on then polish it back flat. A fine brush is good for paint blob control. Anyway back home and time to test the match on the forks quickly, it’s good. The frame will be trickier, but it doesn’t need to be anywhere near perfect. Once the parts are back on blemishes fade away. But I get ahead of myself, cleaning is required before I get into frame paint touch ups.

I wash the forks in hot water with dish soap, this removes most of the grease and grime. In the hot water those odd extra bits on the brake post drop off. I’ve learned to feel around in the sink before pulling the plug. I fish these bits out and into a bag they go.

The ‘Project Two’ stickers are a bit rough, but with a little bit of methylated spirits the gooey bits of glue and dirt are gone and they look better. I wash that stuff off quick so it doesn’t eat the stickers. I might touch the stickers up a bit, but I’ll see how I feel about that later. I’m also thinking about some clear coat. To be honest I’ll probably just leave them as they are.


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