1994 Klein Fervor - Taking it back to day one


Dirt Disciple
I'm pretty new here, an introduction.
My name is Steve, live in St. Louis, MO, and have owned my Nebula Green Fervor since I bought the frame / fork from a shop that has been closed for some time.
Before I bought the Klein, I rode an entry level Diamondback Topanga for about 5 or 6 years. Decent bike for my level of riding, as was not a wonderful technical rider. I thought the Klein, being way lighter, would help.
Well, it didn't! I still wasn't great, but I liked to ride.
I had originally purchased n 8-speed Suntour XC-Pro micro drive crank & derailleurs for it, but bought a Grip Shift and XC-Comp hubs. For the freewheel, I think I had a Sachs. I also had Dia-Compe SS5 levers & 986 canti brakes. Too make a long story short, I never could get it to properly shift. Pretty sure the Grip Shift was indexed for Shimano & bjust wouldn't cooperate with the XC-Pro.
The I got married, injured my back in a car wreck, work, kid, moving multiple times for work, etc.... And the Klein was put away for about 10 years.
In 2005, my son was riding his little BMX bike around, so I took the Klein out of mothballs. I took off the Suntour micro drive, and replaced with a Ritchey Compe crankset, XT derailleurs & replaced the brakes with Avid levers / v-brakes. I needed the v-brakes because I replaced the original rigid fork with a 2003 Rock Shox Judy TT.
Then I injured my foot, and again, the Klein was put away.
During the COVID pandemic, my wife & I decided we needed to get out more. So I went to the foot doctor and am able to walk without pain for the first time in years. And better yet, I'm able to pedal a bike again!!!
So again, the Klein has been dusted off and has been ridden a few times this fall, but made the mistake of finding this website! After seeing all of the great looking bikes on here, I've decided to put mine back to what I originally wanted, a Klein with Suntour XC-Pro Micro Drive!
I saved my crankset and found my front derailleur, but must have tossed the rear during one of my moves. The 986's were a PITA to adjust, so I sourced so Shimano M-733 canti's to replace them. Instead of thumbies, I located a pair of Suntour ErgTech 8-speed shifters with integrated brake levers. For good measure, I also found a set of Cook Bros "E" cranks, in case I want to add a little bling!
I have a rear derailleur on it's way and located NOS Suntour Accushift shift cables. I also NOS Suntour Hardliner brake cables coming.
For my wheelset, I lost my originals at some point also. So I sourced Suntour XC-Pro front / rear hubs. Both have Grease Guard. The front is here, waiting on the rear. I also have here an NOS Suntour chain & 8-speed cassette. For rims, I picked up a pair of NOS Mavic X222's. For skewers, I'll reuse my Odyssey Swelte's.
For the for, the Judy TT will be replace with a recently rebuilt Manitou 4. The headset is a Cane Creek S2 so far. I may get an IRD with sealed bearings. The Fervor has a 1" (25.4) head diameter, so there aren't a lot of options.
Here's a recent picture of the way it is at the moment. I will post some parts pictures soon.



Old School Hero
That is a very cool bike, with a good story behind it. I've only ever had one Klein, a road TeamSuper, and I wish I still had it. As for getting injured and not being able to ride, I can relate, having had a huge crash a few years ago which almost ended my riding. Fortunately riding is sometimes easier than walking for me, and as you know, foot pain can sometimes be treated if you have a good podiatrist.


Dirt Disciple
As far as foot pain.... I've had surgery once and they had to put shots between my two smallest toes for the pain killer. The worst part was the shots! Have had several broken bones, etc, but I've never felt pain like that before or since. That put me off having it done again.
I finally said "F it" and told the doc just to do it without the pain killer. It was actually easier than getting the shots! LOL!! And wow! It is kind of strange to not have the pain anymore. And I can pedal again!!! Pics & parts list are going to be posted in the readers rides section.

Prodigal Son

Retro Guru
Very cool bike. I had suntour x1 that worked fine but i always hear suntour is temperamental when compared to shimano perfect shifting. Otoh their cranksets are way better looking and front derrailleurs are the standard which everything else is measured against.
I know this will offend some sensibilities bUt i will say it:_ all cantilever brakes are a pita to adjust. V brakes are more simple and better.


Dirt Disciple
Great story, lovely bike. I'm about to start my first Klein love affair as a Pinnacle frame is in the post..