1994 DEAN Titanium

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In my search for a nice Ti frame, I was offered this fine example by a Belgian fellow forum member:


Didn't have to think long about whether I wanted this or not...

After searching the shed, not that many parts that would do this 1994 Colonel right were available, so consequently I've been spending quite some time on here lately in search for parts :) .

Unfortunately, the Alu steerer tube of the vgc Manitou 3 that I had in mind for this bike was short by 20mm :( . Since no longer steerers appear to be available, I've now purchased a Pace (rigid) fork.

While parts were arriving from all over, I quickly put in a set of wheels to see the profile :cool: ... This confirmed (again) that I'm definetely going to like it!


Hopefully, I can make it rideable over the next to weeks, which will be the starting point of the ever-continuing quest for nicer parts (such as a set of RF turbines, square-tapered in silver, a nice 27.2 seat post in silver, and so on...). Planning to keep this as 'natural' (so mainly black and silver parts) and clean as possible.

Parts that are that'll be on version 1.0 include:

ControlTech bars
Ritchey cantis
Ringlé Zooka
Syncros Hardcore seat post
m231 wheels (M737 hubs)
XT (M739) mechs 'n' shifters
Spesh cranks w/ Blackspire rings

I love that stuff from the nineties!

Have a good weekend!

I wonder whether there are any Dean experts who can tell us whether that is in fact a Colonel?

According to Bikepedia, the Colonel name was first used in 1996. Up to then the name Titanium was used, and I have seen frames just like yours with a Titanium sticker. Bikepedia also says that from 1995 onwards the frames were 'tapered and ovalized', whereas yours looks to have plain round tubes. So if you have evidence that it is a 1994 frame, I think it may be a Dean Titanium not a Dean Colonel.

If it is a size 19, it should have a serial number P19xxxx, but I don't think it will tell us much. It was made by TST (Sandvik) and their serial numbers don't give year of manufacture etc, just the size.


I keep learning about this frame, thanks! It's an 18" with the strange serial numer D21108, which, I agree, probably doesn't tell much. According to the people @Dean, it's a 1994 frame, so then it could be a Titanium.

I also got a new set of decals with the frame, which includes the 'titanium' sticker you're referring to.

Anyway, I love the look of the frame and today a new set of wheels and the Pace forks arrived, so it's really taking serious shape now!

Have a nice weekend!

Really nice! I own a 1997 Dean with rigid fork but after looking at this pictures I'm thinking about mounting a Manitou 2 fork I have in the garage...
:cool: :cool: :cool:

Have to agree with Jimmy. The proportions look just right, although the seat post looks a little high but i'm assuming it will come down a touch.

Very reminiscient of Kona geometry.

I love it. :cool:
hiya E, amazing frame.

a DEAN, well that dean in particular from that year is pretty must my most wanted - you lucky ***** !

are you still looking for a post?
i 'think' i've got a 27.2 DEAN ti that is spare

:D, YES, I'm still looking for a post, so I'm definetely interested a 'spare' Dean Ti :cool: ...Do you have a pciture available?
What's the length and what are you after? As you might know, I have some swapping possibilities (no Ti though...)