1993 Kona Explosif New Project?


Retro Newbie
I had a 320 mile round trip yesterday to collect my latest eBay purchase. It’s a 93 Kona Explosif 19 inch. I sold my last Explosif a few months back and needed a, a new project and b, a new Kona so it sort of ticks the boxes.
It’s been someone’s pride and joy at sometime and had some decent parts over time.
The good:
Got it home last night and thankfully the seatpost (Controltech) moves freely. Xt front mech. It’s got an Xtr rear mech but the jockey wheels have no teeth. The casette is either xt mm737 or an m900 xtr but I’ve not had chance to check it. It also seems to have some titanium bars which I’ll investigate further when I get chance. Also has some Tange forks.
The bad:
The paint and a very shallow dent in the top tube. A broken bottle cage bolt in situ.
It’s got some gripshift which do not look great.
Needs correct forks, stem(on the way) headset, chainset and brakes.
The ugly:
The paint job!
It has plenty of Shimano lx m570 parts in the form of brakes, levers, rear hub and an lx chainset.