Sold 1993 KHS Montana Pro frame 18"


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1993 KHS Montana Pro frame, 18", True Temper OX Ultra tubing, 2.1ish KG, it is scraped and scratched with a bit of surface rust here and there but straight and dent/ding free. £50 collected from Rushden, Northants. DSC_0346.JPG DSC_0347.JPG DSC_0348.JPG DSC_0349.JPG DSC_0350.JPG DSC_0351.JPG DSC_0352.JPG DSC_0353.JPG DSC_0354.JPG
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I would be willing to post, it's just that I don't drive so getting hold of a suitably sized box is a mission in itself! If I can in the next week or two I'll let you know.
I'd be interested in this. I actually have two of these already... one is too small and I eventually noticed a ground off serial number and the other, in my size, had a seized seatpost at some point and the previous owner dented and split the seat clamp area....

Might be able to pick up next week if that's possible?