1992 Rocky Mountain titanium (Finished Pics page 3)


BoTM Winner
I've had this bike long enough and ridden it enough to know how much I love it. As this year's feature theme for Toxik Harald's Show n Shine (May 5th), I have been eyeballing the bike more than usual, and decided to make a few tweaks in preparation for the show, but also to improve the ride. I had originally convinced myself that the titanium seatpost and bar (and Flite saddle) were the obvious, and lightest choices. But oh my how much better the all-black Syncros spec looks, and the saddle, though heavier, is so iconic to the brand. I also extended the handlebars to a much appreciated (when in the saddle) 24" width...

20190422_173134 (2) by shamalama88, on Flickr

20190422_172912 by shamalama88, on Flickr

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Old School Hero
Beautiful build, congrats on the stunning result. I have a '92 which I'm getting ready to (re) build since the current spec is too 'modern'. Now where do I find a nice Powerlite fork?