1992 Rocky Mountain Experience Project Resto Mod!


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A lot of changes are expected but here's how she sits so far...

early 90's Rocky Mountain Experience
Syncros seatpost
Syncros stem
Syncros forks
Syncros cranks
Yeti ARC carbon riser bar
XTR Rapidfire shifters
XT V-Brakes
XT V-Brake levers
Shimano PD-M515 SPD pedals
Avocet O2 Ti railed saddle
FSA steel square taper BB
Spinergy Xyclone front wheel (28 PBO fiber spokes)
Mavic 231/Deore LX rear wheel
SRAM PG-850 8 spd cassette
Shimano chain
XT/XT derailleurs
Deore LX chainrings (steel inners, alloy outer)
Panaracer 2.2 Dart Soft Condition steel bead front tire
Panaracer FireXC Pro (Japan) kevlar 120 tpi rear tire
Generic tubes
Oury Lock-On grips
Shimano threaded headset (cheapo model with low 33.5 mm stack height)

24.51 lbs as she sits. I should be able to get her to 23 lbs by swapping tires, tubes, wheels and bottom bracket.


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Dirt Disciple
It has a really old school Syncros seatpost with a long extinct top clamp and I wonder if I have it facing the wrong direction. Why? The rear bolt seems perilously close to the bottom semi-circle.

Can any other original Syncros seatpost owners comment?


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if your long list off changes involes the forks id defo be intrested!!!!

oh and the cranks! lol



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Sorry, my Syncros collection only gets bigger. It's kind of an addiction really. I have a spare set of steel Revolution cranks and forks, but they'll eventually be used on some other Rocky project.


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That's looks sweet as.. Nice clean build.. And Syncros on a Rocky, just looks so good!!


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That looks great, with a bit of luck i'll be posting pics of mine in the next week.

Could you tell me what dia. the seatpost is as i'm still having trouble finding one to fit mine.

thanks iain


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The post size is either 30.2mm or 30.4. Using a cheap dollar store caliper, I measured the diameter of the post and it read 30.4mm. This bike is no help since the Syncros post has no markings. While I had a Kalloy Uno seatpost installed on my 1st Experience, that's no help either because the Kalloy Uno is manufactured in both sizes.

To be sure I'd take your frame to your LBS and have them use one of those seat tube I.D. measuring tools or test fit those 2 sizes.


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a few more


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jonrock":w0mh32al said:
Dude thats a sweet ride!
Syncros BB?

I thought about it, but Syncros BB's aren't the most reliable and I wouldn't be able to see it anyway. So I used temporarily used a modern steel FSA BB until I find a titanium model later.