1992 GT Avalanche 7-speed chain replacement


Retro Newbie
Hi there. I am finally changing the current chain on my 1992 GT Ava. The chain has lettering saying Sachs PG France (which I understand is a bit of a 90's brand).

My Ava has a mix of 90's Deore DX/LX mech:

- 46/36/26 Hyperdrive/Superglide chain rings
- 12-28 7-speed Hyperglide cassette
- Shimano M651 front derailleur
- Shimano Deore LX rear derailleur

(similar to mech in https://na.s-tec.shimano.com/s3_ass...le_System_Component_Dealer_Product_Manual.pdf).

Does anyone know if I can simply swap out the old chain for any 7 speed Shimano chain or does it have to be a Sachs or Shimano CN-HG70 (as in the groupset catalogue). Would there be something specific about the Superglide/Sachs/CN-HG70 combi that is important (other than the obligatory effort to replace old parts with era-representative parts)?

(option: if anyone knows where to get a brand new Shimano CN-HG70 chain, other than eBay, I'd be very interested)

Thank you in advance!


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Any modern 7/8 speed chain will work. Personally I’d go for Shimano or KMC (I run both on my retro rides).

Hopefully your cassette and chainrings aren’t too worn, if they are, your chain will skip, this will mean replacing them too.


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Thank you! The 46 chain ring indeed suffered quite a bit unfortunately, so I'll see if I can find another one.