For Sale 1992 Giant Terrago, small and very pink


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Ok, so story is, I picked this up a couple years back completely original and bloody clean and ashamed to say I pinched the groupset for something else, didn't know better then.

Anyway as the frame was pretty immaculate but way too small for me I gave it to my sister to build back up and have a little go at mountain biking with, this is what she came up with.

She rode it once and decided to stick to the road, so it's ended up in my garage again.

Personally I love the look of it but just no way I can ride it so time to find it a new home.

What you see is what you get, it's a 1992 Giant Terrago, I've no idea of official sizing but measurements are:

Seat tube 45cm c to t
Seat tube 41cm c to c
Top tube 52cm c to c

Wheelset is the usual RM20 with Exage hubs, not the ones that came with it originally but still in good condition, run straight and the hubs were serviced just before it was built.

Drivetrain is Shimano Altus and some Amazon special v brakes. All bought brand new when building the bike.

I pinched the tyres that she put on it but have put on the Shwalbe Marathon GT's on instead that have done a couple hundred miles but still have loads of life left.

Saddle is a Selle Royal that started life on an Orbea Katu.

I reckon would suit somewhere between 4'9 and 5'4, my sister is 5' and she says it felt right for her.

Looking for a nice round £100.

Located in Newport, South Wales. I can post but will need to get a box and whatnot so may take a few days.


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