1991 Trek 8900 - Florescent resto happiness (almost NOS)


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Hi all, my latest restoration has been an absolute journey & joy to do = Trek 8900 from 1991. Although my most expensive too. But I love it! And it’s a keeper long term.

Some of you observant folks will have spotted this advertised in the USA (back in January 2022). No one bought it after the original ad got pulled, it was priced high of course (even for USA). Then add the risk of import duties bringing it to the UK probably had many thinking it simply not worth the costs. If you had those thoughts, you were completely correct (read on)

BUT… The temptation was too much for me to ignore it. A little work bonus money came in unexpectedly. So what better way to spend it. I contacted the seller and it was still available. Decided to pay the full asking price (approx. $1300) and import it to UK (Aberdeenshire, Scotland). The seller was great to deal with, another retro enthusiast with a nice collection. Lots of details & photos were shared. With shipping agreed, and with my payment made = the nervous wait started as the Trek 8900 made its way from the USA to Scotland. Not in one box, but in two boxes! Due to shipping constraints = not cheap (approx. $280).

The good news = 7 days later, both boxes arrived in Aberdeen courier depo safely.

The bad news = both boxes had import & tax charges to pay before releasing the boxes the last 20miles to my house. Leaving me another £380 to pay (ouch). I knew the risks, sometimes you don’t get hit, other times you do. But I bought it knowing I would probably have to pay up. So I did and boy was it worth it!

As I unwrapped the boxes, parts it became very apparent this Trek 8900 was in amazing condition! Not quite but almost NOS. I loved the handwritten note as I opened the first box. So, I’m dedicating this thread to show case the full strip down, service and rebuild I have just completed. Bare with me as I upload all the photos / story during the next 24hrs. You will get the full rebuild. Enjoy!

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First job, unpacking and fully stripping the bike… straight away I decided I would ditch the onza bar ends and replace the original foam grips which were tacky / rock solid. Also the 2nd gen Smoke/Dart tyres were nice but I wanted the older 1st gen Smoke/Dart tyres. Luckily, I had a decent lightly used set in my collection to use. Usually I replace all the cables (inner and outer), but it became apparent they were immaculate and had the right text say “Suntour Accushift” on the outers. Removed with care so I could reuse them = had to save some money somehow (lol). Lastly the RockShox out ATI books were not going back on, as I prefer the raw look without.
Trek Unboxing (5).jpgTrek Unboxing (9).jpg
The next job is always the best bit, over the course of 3 weeks I carefully unbolted every single part. Cleaned, then polished and serviced items as I went. I'm an ex bicycle mechanic of 30yrs and used to be a Rock Shox service technician. Got the Rockshox certificates somewhere in the attic = lol.

Not everything was perfect. List of things done:

Full rebuild of the RS-1 (with inner valves cleaned and new oil)
Bulls Eye hubs, cartridge bearings removed, degreased and repacked. Plus polished the Alu spacers
Suntour Por XC mechs striped, they were sticky from sitting so long, cleaned and serviced.
Dia Compe brake cantis = need some attention = seized.Trek Servicing (4).jpgTrek Servicing (5).jpg