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I'm sharing this for the Specialized fans on here. I found this Specialized 1990 Rockhopper Comp the other day. I went to look at a Ridgeback 703DX that I spotted on a Gumtree ad. The owner was moving house and clearing his garage, standard Retrobike enthusiast bike bargain opportunity! I'd already said yes to the Ridgeback as it was super tidy. Then he showed me this and said I could have it if I took it way as well. I kid you not, there was a skip full of household stuff that he was clearing out and had I not taken it this bike was going in it...

So suffice to say that, despite the bike being bit too big for me I couldn't let it get scrapped. I mean, look at the wheels and tyres! It has hardly been used but the frame has some surface rust that spoils the mint look. But it rides fine even though it hasn't had a service for about 27 years.

I can't decide wether to sell or part it out. I guess there would be interest in the wheels and tyres? If I could find a good frame in my size (about 17") I'd transfer the parts. For now this is as found and will stay that way until other projects have been finished.


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Re: Re:

Graham_hkr":3jkcvkv6 said:
enc":3jkcvkv6 said:
This springs to mind :D


It looks to have had little use !

There isn't even wear on the brake contact area :shock:

Yeah I was pretty lucky! Shame it's too big for me and it has the rust coming through on the frame. The decals are great. I think this one was left in an open sided shed for a little while. The Ridgeback is better, if only this one had had the same treatment! If I can find a small sized 90-92 Stumpjumper or Rock hopper comp I'll transfer the parts. Does seem a shame though as it's so original. Here's the Ridgeback...


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