1990 Muddy Fox Prestige Pro


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Going to make a start on this - can't remember when/where I got it from but never seen one before.

Biggest challenge will be finding a stem - a Nitto Mega MT-66. Catalogue pic make it look like a fillet brazed internally routed job with the matchy matchy frame paint - there won't be one at the LBS - grateful for any leads the RB collective may have on one or something similar.

Condition wise it is pretty good - few cable rubs etc but that's about it. Unknown.jpeg Unknown-3.jpeg 1990 Muddy Fox Katana Catalogue P.15.jpg
Wow, never seen one of these before, only in the catalogue. That stem is going to be hard to find, will keep an eye out. I’ve got a set of xpress shifters going spare if you need some.
Any updates on this build Coleman? I can always take it off your hands if you are tired of it 😉