1989 Landshark Dirtshark Splatter


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Field tested ‘89 Dirty Shark. One of my favorite builders of all time due to his ability to harmonize form and function as well as his mindblowing paintjobs. I first saw a 26in mtb with sunflowers on a blue backdrop and I knew I had to obtain one at all costs.

I have built my rig with an assortment of mtb and touring parts sourced from all over the world. Please feel free to comment or take a look at my instagram @the_plantdoctor for more vintage builds. Cheers!

parts list:
stronglight touring crank
lyotard french threaded pedals
campagnolo rally rear derailleur
shimano deore levers (soon to be replaced with tommaselli)
suntour xc shifter
deore high flange to araya box section rims
cinelli volare saddle
magic usa brakes


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Very cool bike. I’d lower the canti cable hanger quite a bit though! Will generate more power from them
Very cool bike. I’d lower the canti cable hanger quite a bit though! Will generate more power from them
i agree from a mechanical perspective but im a sucker for the high hanger look. i am looking to make my own rene herse style hangers and ill adjust accordingly :))
That cable hanger positioning is totally cringe. Use some Mafac cantis or even Simano BR-M730/732 if you want that more oldschool look. Tyres ... well.. Just my two ct.

The rest of the bike looks really sharp. Like it.
I think that is an amazing looking frame/fork/stem! Really love the early Landsharks! Though are there 4 chainrings currently on your crankset, but not front mech? If you going 1x might as well drop those extra rings?