1989 DB Ascent EX


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It arrived a few days ago and I managed to get it assembled today, it rides lovely but after standing for almost 3 decades it's going to need stripping down, cleaning, degreasing and regreasing, lubricating, new cables fitted and a bit of wax polish - all of which I hope to do next weekend.

It's all original except the tyres, I have a pair of catalogue correct Farmer John's but won't put them on until the bike's been completely overhauled, the ones it came with were more than 20 years old and in pretty bad shape so I threw these Kojaks on just to take her for a spin...


It's a Tange cr-mo frame, lighter than I was expecting but no featherweight, the groupset is mostly Mountain-LX with a Tioga T-bone stem, Avenir saddle and toeclips and Shimano SLR 4 finger brake levers. It's certainly no thoroughbred that's for sure and not particularly rare, but it's a real beauty in my eyes and a bike I've always liked and am very happy to finally own.

The paint job of course is lovely, there are a few tiny marks here and there, a little surface rust around the cable guides under the BB but nothing that won't wipe away, and with everything mechanical pretty much feeling and functioning like new even before the overhaul, and with bosses for a rear rack I think this will become my new sunny day commuter.

Have to give credit to the previous owner for preserving it so well and the packaging job he did for shipping was out of this world. I'll post pics showing the stripped down bike and parts before and after servicing, and of course when it's all reassembled, polished up and wearing it's Sunday best tyres. 😉


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