1988 Fisher Montare XT


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Ok... so I went and bought one just to get your measurement ;). Mine is a 17" frame and it measures about 15.5" center of axle to base of crown race. I compared this to other Tange forks I have and these were as shown in attached pictures. I also measured my daughters 1987 Cannondale (15" frame) with 24" wheels and I got 14.5" as well as my '88 Supergo and '88 MT Cat and got 15.5" from those two. I'm sure this should be somewhere else, but for raked forks in the late 80s 14.5" might be standard axle to crown length for 24" wheels, 15.5" for 26" wheels and 16" for 700 wheels. The purple 26" fork with a 15" is from the 90s, as well as the other 3. All the forks I measured were from 19" to 21" bikes and gave me the same measurement as the 17".

Hope this helps


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This is great information, thanks for all the investigation into the axle to crown measurement. Also enjoy the new bike 🙂


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Could you please share serial number information, as much as you can, I'm keeping record of model year changes. Also the purple fork is a Spinner not Tange (1989 dated)



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Thanks, your bike was made between the 2nd and 3rd week of April in 1988. It's missing a letter in the front, all other bikes I've seen have a K which may indicate the factory, from 1984 to 1987 the bikes were made by Toyo in Japan. It is still possible your bike was made by Toyo but Toyo use and A or a T at the begining and the second letter indicated a month and not a fortnight.