1986 Colnago Mexico - Finished


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Just put the finishing touches to this today. Before I start, I don't like the saddle, it's a Brooks Swallow but it just doesn't suit the build. I have a Concor in the post but I just couldn't wait any longer. So here it is.

For years I've longed to find a Ferrari red SLX-framed De Rosa Professional or a Piranello Montello but these frames simply weren't coming my way in the right condition or at the right price. So, on the local classifieds I found this, it was described as a 86 Colnago Mexico with SLX tubing. I posted on here a while ago for a positive ID of this frame but didn't get anything conclusive. It's features are consistent with Mexico & SLX i.e. crimped top and down tubes & frame features in general and the lower end of the seat tube is braced internally which i believe is consistent with SLX. I'm aware that identifying any Colnago is a misty road so if anyone has any thoughts on this then I'd be pleased to hear from you.

I bought the frame from a Phil Labaeye who was a rider for a local shop in St Etienne & he told me it was originally a Campagnolo Super Record-equipped bike but he'd replaced components with Shimano kit when it was all-the-rage in the 80's. It still had it's Panto'd SR seatpost, headset and annoyingly a cracked SR titanium axled bottom bracket. So bit by bit I bought up the pieces it needed to get it back to it's original shape. Notable additions which I was pleased to find relatively cheaply include a 7sp Campagnolo freewheel, world-logo hoods, gen 2 SR calipers with italic script and coned main nuts & a set of flute-less SR cranks. Everything else is standard SR/NR kit and Cinelli bars and stem (R1 & 64-42). I wrestled with the cable and bar tape colours but decided on the safe choice of white. I tried a white Rolls but it looked too much. Apart from the saddle, future changes may include deeper drop bars & maybe another straight blade QR to match the rear.



















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Here she was when I went to collect back in Nov last year. Obviously I didn't keep much of the original kit except seatpost and headset. Of course the only other thing it now has in common is that it gets ridden.



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Excellent, very nice! I'd keep the bars you have as they ride better downhill and are still period correct, I've got some Champion Del Monde on my Rossin but prefer the drop on Giro D'Italia's, especially if you intend to ride it regularly. The front mech adjustment is important on SR as when its very close 2mm you get a very smooth change, quite surprising and rewarding when you realise that you can feel in the gears without looking, campag block too good source...enjoy :D


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another small point I hope you dont mind the comment. Personally I'd replace the brake caliper nuts with dome nuts, not sure if they are right for the era? You can get them from DIY shops or campyoldy for next to nothing.


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lucky man, a fine steed indeed!
I have one myself, though alas with no headtube chrome luggs :facepalm:
I noticed your 'slx' decal, you may want to change this, is doesn't look clear coated, because as far as I'm aware, no Nuovo Mexicos
were constructed from slx, but sl , you could find more info in this venerable site catalog archives,
enjoy your bike !