1986 and !989 Raleigh Record Sprint Projects

Sir Walter

Dirt Disciple
Complete original bike in need of repaint and resto as some rust on frame, Decals available
Aero Tubed 22.5 inch Reynolds 501 frame
Weinmann brakes Gold calipers and levers, cables

Shimano Golden Arrow rear Mech
Maillard black hubs and Concave rims
SR Chainset, Handle bar Stem £60.00

Also a later 1989 Record Sprint with Black fittings Shimano Indexed gears
20.5 inch frame 501 Reynolds again all original but in need of repaint and resto. £40.00

More photos or details on request.


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Quigs Snr

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My first proper race bike was an 86 Record Sprint... finding one in the smallest size that isn't ready for the scrapyard is challenging. Or even just a restorable frame for a Neo retro project. Hard to tell from the pictures how solid the frame and parts are for your 89.

Sir Walter

Dirt Disciple
Re:More photos

Sorry image was too small, here are some better photos of the Aero.


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Sir Walter

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Re: More pics of 89

I have restored many bikes over the years and this I consider an easy resto, all original parts are present
The rust is quite pitted but not enough to affect a 501 tube in my opinion,
The Gold anodised cranks have faded but the bars are still good


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Sir Walter

Dirt Disciple
Re: Are these too expensive or just undesirable ?

1400 views and no takers ?
I know they are nothing special but I personally feel they are an easy project, I really don't see the point of parting them out as they are original and complete.
Open to offers


Senior Retro Guru
When you say, "decals available", do you mean a ful lset with the space shuttle bit? Any pics of those please?