1984/5 Bontrager Fillet Brazed MTB


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Haven't posted pics of this one here. Its a c1984-1985 Fillet Brazed Bontrager built by Keith himself. It was in the MOMBAT collection. Like a lot of those bikes it sat for a long time so, while the bike came complete, it needed a full rebuild.

I opted to change the spec with some period correct bits...

Frame: Fillet Brazed Bontrager

Fork: Fillet Brazed Bontrager

Headset: Chris King
Stem: Fillet Brazed Bontrager
Handlebar: Aluminum Salsa
Grips: Grab On
Barends: None

Brakes: Deerhead XT
Brake Pads: Mathauser
Brake Cables: Suntour
Cantilever cable hangers: Shimano
Brake Levers: Tommaselli Racer

Shifters: Suntour
Front Derailleur: Suntour
Rear Derailleur: Suntour
Derailleur Cables: Suntour
Cassette: Suntour
Chain: Suntour
Cranks: TA
Crank Bolts: TA
Chainrings: TA
Chainring bolts: TA
Bottom Bracket: Phil Wood
Pedals: Suntour XC

Hub Skewers: Bolted
Rims: Araya
Hubs: Suntour
Nipples: NA
Spokes: NA
Tyres: OG Panaracer
Tubes: MEC

Saddle: Selle Turbo
Seatpost: LaPrade
Seatpost Binder: Bolt

Before ...

After ...


mk one

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Thats very nice.

Looking a lot nicer now, and those levers... :cool:


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I like this , very rideable.

Could see it fully laiden with front and rear racks and full water bottle compliments for a bit of touring :cool:


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cool , i ride a Bontrager OR 1994 (a decade older) I knew KB was building frames earlier but had no idea what ... thank you kindly for sharing. Mega cool (even painted in 'Model T Ford black?)...